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B E A U T Y & M A S S A G E 


Face Contour Lifting Massage

With age we are not only losing the elasticity of the skin, but the mass and tone of our facial muscles too, that filled up the skin (this is the effect that fillers aim to mimic).This massage lifts and sculpts the contours of the face, giving a more youthful and toned appearance. Using hidrating and firming skin products by Janssen Cosmetics we can rejuvenate the skin, while the special strokes of deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage all aimed at stimulating or relaxing the muscles of the face, head, and neck, improving circulation, and promoting lymphatic drainage.


Benefits: improves the overall appearance of the face by

reducing puffiness

increasing firmness

defining the jawline and cheekbones

lifting face contours

reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

improving skin texture and tone.

Important sideeffect:

the massage can help tension-type headache (TTH), which is the most common type of primary headaches. It is also sometimes referred to as muscle contraction headache, stress headache, or psychomyogenic headache.

face contour lifting muscle massage.jpg
Face contour massage before and after

Price: 60 minutes with cleansing, ampulla, massage with cream, eye care                            130Chf             

           90 minutes with cleansing, peeling, ampulla, massage with cream, mask, eye care  180Chf            

Zsuzsa Gombkoto/Suzie offers massage

Who am I

   I'm Zsuzsa Gombkötő, but everybody calls me Suzie. 

I've studied a lot about muscles, cells, and skin, but I think the most important thing that I've learnt is, that beauty naturally comes with health, and health comes with being in harmony with ourselves, nature, and each other.

   That we need human touch, and the feeling that we are taken care of.


Kobido face massage

health is beautiful. A balanced, clean skin and toned functional face muscles make you attractive at any age


Feel safe and let your body heal itself in my hands


Classical Massage
with lymphdrainage or foot zone therapy


40 min   90 Chf

60 min 140 Chf

90 min with foot zone therapy 200 Chf


You deserve a Touch of Care


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