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I'm Zsuzsa Gombkötő, but everybody calls me Suzie. I'm happy to offer you the essence of my professional knowledge and experience of 20 years as a massage therapist.

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My path

In 2001 after getting my masters degree in Biology in Hungary, I've realised, that I don't want to spend my time in a laboratory, I want to provide physical help to people who are suffering. In 2002 I've got my medical masseuse diploma, and I've realised what an abundance of different modalities are available. I've learnt Polinese massage rituals, (MA-Uri massage, and Integrated Lomilomi)

alternative  lymphdrainage. Between 2004 and 2008 I've gained experiences with ayurvedic cleansing therapy, while I've been working in the Maharishi Ayurveda Helsesenter in Norway as panchakarma technician. I've been using the covid period for studying, as a result in 2021 I 've got my beauty therapist diplom, and I've finished a 1 year pelvic floor therapy course as well. Since then I've attended several cosmetology workshops, (treatment of sensitive skin, and akne) and I've learnt a special facial muscle massage, that is - applied 5 times and combined with peronalised choise of Janssen cosmetics products- results in a lasting facelift.

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